The Songs I Never Knew :/ (**Super Emo, You've Been Warned**)[Prod 23:59]



Written/Prod/Sung/Recorded @2359

Sample: "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie

You're the only song I know
I sing it strong and slow
Whenever the bottle's low
I start to hear a different tune

A melody that's incomplete
A tawdry, sullen, broken beat
Who knew that it could sound so sweet?
I start to fear it isn't you

But everything inside of me, to you, I all would give
I hope for you, the same is true, as long as we shall live
Until the holy day comes that we both must bid adieu
I'm haunted lost in reverie of the songs I never knew

Take it away
Take it away, yeah
Say its okay
Say its okay, yeah
Take it away
Take it away, yeah
Make it okay
Make it okay, yeah

Take it away
Please make it okay
Just say its okay

The lyrics start to get to me
The melancholy symphony
The message hidden between
Tells a story of a life, long lost

An outlaw of infamy
Who'd commit as many sins as he?
Living in the lap of misery
A boy who had it all or so he thought

Post Hook

Not every song's worth singing
And some, not more than once
But now and then you'll find a song
You hear and fall in love

And nothing lasts forever
But when it's said and done
I hope the last song that you sing
Becomes your favorite one