There's No Way (feat. Julia Michaels) - LAUV - (Adam Kahati Remix)

Adam Kahati

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This track is still an absolute favorite and I listen to it every single day still. LAUV's voice paired alongside with Julia Michaels made this a track i HAD to flip. I quickly hit up my manager and said we NEED this song. Give it a day and i woke up with a pleasant surprise with the stems siting in my email. I quickly got to work on this one and finished it in about 3 days. Ever since i finished it up it's just been sitting on a private link for a while but now i finally think its ready to go out. I hope you all enjoy this one because it's personally my new favorite!

P.S. feel free to hit me up on all my social medias as i got tons of new music coming out and will show anyone a sneak preview if they just ask!

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