When We Were Young - Lost Kings - (Adam Kahati Remix)

Adam Kahati

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FREE DOWNLOAD: You know I love giving away things for free, I really do. Lost Kings were dope enough to let me give this bad boy out for a free DL and super dope for letting me get a chance to remix this awesome track so take it and enjoy!

Well What can I say. I first heard this track through a Facebook teaser Lost Kings put out a few months ago and right from there I automatically knew it was gonna be my new favorite song. Not surprised, once the song dropped I was nonstop listening all day and night. I thought to myself, "wow I'd love to flip this song for these guys" but realistically I knew, I had no chance of getting these stems because Lost Kings is well, Lost Kings. Once I found the email from my manager with the stems attached I couldn't stop working on the remix as I was so eager to finish it up. This one has been sitting on a private link for some time now and finally it's ready to go. I hope you all enjoy this one as this is my favorite remix to date.

Make sure to throw this one a like, share, whatever you want! All the support from you guys is what keeps me going...

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