The Pain




Song I wrote after getting out of the Military. I am just putting it together now, here is the first part.

I remember
when there was laughter
and freedom!
It seems,
only yesterday
When I was there.
by so fast.

All the things that I love,
Seem never to last,

It's, the present,
And now Its's the past...

What, do you do,
When your feelings grow cold,
and all your tears, turn to stone.
What do you do,
When the numbness sets in...
How do I get my feelings back again...

Is there a way,
I can pay of this toll.
Tell me, dear lord can I get back my soul.
Is there a way,
To start over again,
Tell me dear lord does anyone win.
Should I Fight Back,
What's there to gain...
Tell me.. dear Lord and be rid of my pain!

There's pain in my heart
I know there's pain all around,
But it's the pain
deep within
that's taking me down
So tell me... if I'm wrong
or am I... to blame
but telling me nothing
Is driving me insane

Well I'ld stand up
and I'ld fight back,
But I lost the why?
All the dreams that I use to have,
appear to have died.
The darkness,
The stars
shine no more.
It's like I'm waiting
for an answer,
To come knocking on my door.
I don't think God knows I'm here...


My Heart's a burning fire,
Praying for Desires...
Trying to dry those tears

Fill my mind with dreams,
Help this blind man see,
Open up my ears,

I know I'm lost today,
But if you'll help me find my way.
Then maybe, just maybe there's a chance for me?

Maybe just maybe there's a chance for me?
Maybe just maybe there's a chance for me?