Vampire: Goodbye




I also just turned this poetry into a Rap! Make sure you check it out here on soundcloud: Dying, Should I say Goodbye?.

If only you had the time, the time to say goodbye
One minute your young, next minute your ready to die

You're were just going through life trying to be a success
Trying to keep up with the world, trying to do your best,
Then one day the system boots you out just like all the rest
And your sitting there in your rocking chair thinking you failed the test.

What's worth dying for, but you are in a dieing shell?
You have your family, you've had your life, and now no hope in hell
What's worth dying for, would someone please tell me?
because your life here in this world is only temporary.

All you have been doing is wishing for something no one has seen.
A chance for another chance, a science fiction dream.

All you've done is wasted your life on a faith and maybe a prayer,
Only to come and realize, that nothing is really there.

At first it seems as though your life is moving way to slow,
Then it's too late to change your fate, your life light barely a glow.

At the blink of an eye you're ready to die? How did your life go by so fast?
you're at the end and can't remember the beginning, how long will your memories last?

You lay still breathing, coming to terms with this feeling, is there anything left to see?
Your family staring in your direction laughing about how you use to be.

You use to be this and you use to say that, you try to smile, but why?
As you begin to cease, will you rest in peace, should you even say goodbye?