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Apparel Music is happy to present a new EP by Polar Lights.
Kirill Pavlyashik aka Polar Lights was born and raised in the most western city of Russia, Kaliningrad, also known as Koenigsberg.
For the first time he was introduced to music when he witnessed a Nutcracker performance in the kindergarten, which have had a huge impact on him in becoming a musician.
Back then, he never knew that he’ll get his self involved into music that far. The music presence was everywhere in his childhood. Kirill describes the Russian enclave as foggy with lots of greyness and not too sunny at all. Nevertheless, it has so many different cultures and people from the post Soviet Union that all together make up such a versatile community for sharing and exchanging ideas. A bit later on, he got more into electronic music once he heard a weekly radio show hosted by Anton Kubikov. At that time, Kubikov was well-known as one-half of SCSI-9 and for his cutting edge production that he used to describe as “hypno house”.
At some point, Kirill have decided that this is definitely something he wants to deal with in the future. After getting his hands on various sound applications and experimenting with samples, it was just a question of time until the potential and creativity of the young talent was about to make things happen. It’s been a while since Kirill started to produce tracks under his moniker.
‘Thinking Like Wind’ EP is featured by Vadim Chaly and Alex Kozyr, mastered by Lopazz; project curated by Giuseppe D’Alessandro.

Supported by Osunlade, Andy Bach, Tensnake, Stacey Pullen, Brothers Vibe, Nachtbraker, Guy J, Luciano and many others

link: https://soundcloud.com/polar-lights