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Everybody knows a Johnny. Who's this Johnny? His story telling of a life, a regular life where the normality perpetually continues bringing forth a delicate side of an aggressive guitar.


Once I saw a face in the dark, he turned and looked at me
So broken, so serene, you know, might as well be me
So alone in his own world, counting the paces between
The first shot, as he fell between the seamless seams, but

Johnny boy
Wasn’t quite like the rest
Just a little complicated

So Johnny he left for town, on his own two feet he went
Passing the miles by, in hopes of a new life he found
Nothing but more of the same, it’s not what you would think
To be true in a world like this, in a world like this, then

Johnny, he cried, he claimed
There’s got to be another day for this and for me

So I’ll give you my hand in hopes that you’ll understand
That he’s just a regular ordinary man
Living in his empty yet hopeful life, he’s lead only to believe
Ta fall silently asleep, but

Johnny Boy
Wasn’t quite like the rest
Just a little too devoted

So here it all ends, he’s simply a boy
He’s clinging to his best defense for, for awhile
Johnny, who is it you are hiding from