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This sweet lullaby, sung close and personally, becomes a hypno-melodic rufie that within it's beautiful tensions, eventually keeps you awake in the end.


Sleep some tonight, don't you worry
Life's not anything your meant to not realize
I'll get the lights, you close your eyes
Soon it'll be time to awake, to live your dreams

Twice I see and yes twice I do
Twice you've looked and I still haven't pulled through
So many ways, so many days
So many times before I get it my, myself
My, myself

In life we just might build a future
Together our hopes and dreams we fantasize
It's a reality we can calculate
Together we're destined to live our dreams
These dreams, your dreams

Why can't I seem to lift this haze
It's blocken the world from your view
Like a spell that's cast on you
Here's a melody ta break your blues

Sleep more tonight, don't you wake
there's no reason ta twist and turn
I'm right here sitting by your side
Watching all over you all by my, myself
All by myself, all by myself