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Meet Frankenkit, Frankenkit loves playing it's Frankensong. Being rather rambunctious and assertive, the organized chaos has a chance to humbly shine through portraying Canning's Zeppelin influences.


Why do you say, that the world isn’t ever really, really what you thought it was
Why do I try, ta change your mind cause your so lost in it all
Why do I see everything but a mind with many capabilities
Why do you deny, your place in this space here you wanna cry.
Could you ever be my friend, all the possibilities

Do ya hear, my words, ringing clear now

Then I tought that you would never care
Would you, could you
Then I saw that you were never there
So blind, so fried
Then I saw that time was on my side
Night and day, your lying anyway

Would ya like to know, a little something about ta grow
About ta go
About ta go
About ta go
About ta go
About ta

What do you mean, when you glare at me with those staring deep, glary eyes
Only another way to show, that inside outside can’t you ever really grow

Did you ever think, I wouldn’t notice