02 Brother, Can We Say? (Single Version)

Celebration Records

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Upcoming EP featuring remixes and alternative versions of album track Brother, Can We Say?


'Brother, Can We Say?'
As the city thrives
Easing the gentle you
Born into the hive
The skyline was all you knew
It screams for you as the siren sings
It eats you up when you give in

Through the narrow hills
Far from the shallow sea
Through the golden fields
Brother you're finally free
I reach you now without a sound
our thoughts collide
never hide in sight

Can we say we are another, another two?
Can we say we are a brother, brother too?
Can we say, can we lie?
Can we say we are a brother too?

Through the years it swallowed us
Love is something that flourish us
Now we know that life is gold
Can we say we are a brother, brother too?