Arbirk - Summer Nights

Celebration Records

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1st single from the forthcoming debut album Disguises.


'Summer Nights'
Home again, with a foreign friend. Breathe it in ans breathe it out still
warmer. Fear the cold, but keep it in. Try to leave the past beneath the
ground. Memories of my favourite lake. We told our tales to the silence of
the night. Light up, my defeat. Try to stop it, but keep repeating. Those
summer nights, and those kind green eyes. I wish we were so young and
close once more. But I’m tired, so tired now. It’s been so long where all I
see is grey. So light up all of my mistakes, break it off and leave me
forsaken. Light up my defeat. With those summer nights, those kind
green eyes. Despite the pain, I would do it all again.