Mom & Bear - Everybody Wants You Dead

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Recording project Mom & Bear is ready to release the 1st single "Everybody Wants
You Dead" from the upcoming debut album "Bury Your Dead".

'Everybody Wants You Dead' is one of the oldest songs from the album. It was written about six years ago when the work on the album was also started, so it's very appropriate to release that song as the first single. At the same time, it is also the song that has undergone the greatest transformation, from its original form, where it was a more silent and laid-back song, to end up being a "go-at-it-alone” song. It is also the last song that was finished for the album, why it also bears a huge sigh of relief.

The song draws on many musical references and inspirations. It is at once both gloomy and breathtaking, organic warm and electronic cold, dystopian and hopeful. The sound is voluminous and at the same time anxiously vibrating into the endless atmosphere.

Lyrics and music are written by Jens Rahbek, and the song has found its final and refined form in a creative exchange with the help of fellow musicians Torben Guldager Rasmussen (Peppermint B., Jørck and The Warmongers) and Jacob Abildgaard (Black Horse).


'Everybody Wants You Dead'

You stop believing
As a child
And you still don’t know these people Who brought you up
And time takes Takes its toll
I know you’re listening
With your mouth
And when you speak it sounds like Prayers won’t come out
And time takes Takes its toll
I heard your self-righteous songs They sound so bitter
And behind all the vacant smiles Everybody wants you dead Another year has passed
And did you get any closer
To why you’re still around
When everybody wants you dead
And that’s everybody including me
Behind all the vacant smiles Everybody wants you dead