Son Of Caesar - All I Remember

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All I Remember is a beautiful and warm yet sad winter waltz about reminiscing the past and letting love go.

»The song is about being stood up by a summer fling and finding yourself looking back on all the things you could have done differently - but didn’t,« says Peter Nørgaard Mathiasen behind his alter ego Son Of Caesar.


'All I Remember'
I could have asked you to dance
When you told me your favorite song
Was the one that you heard
In the oxygen coated convertible

Now the leaves turn yellow and gold
And your house is empty and cold
I could comfort you or sing for you
Like I was supposed to

But you called me up and said
“It’s best we forget”
But it’s all I can remember
On a rainy day

When our feet were merry and light
In the heat of a warm summer night
In a foreign land
When you took my hand
Like no one should notice

How your heart would beat like a drum
We were strung out on cocaine and rum
When you began to dance
And I had no chance
If I didn’t follow

That was many years ago
Now your heart beats slow
But it’s all I can remember
On a rainy day
Yes it’s all I can remember
On a rainy day

I could have asked you to stay
Or at least just have something to say
But I kept in line
And I fell behind
And you didn’t notice

That the leaves are yellow and gold
And my house is empty and cold
Why you had to go
I’ll never know
But I’m not supposed to

That was many years ago…