Son Of Caesar - Letter To Jack

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Homage to the late great Jack Kerouac


'Letter To Jack'

Dearest Jack – I hope you’re fine
I’ve wanted to write you for a long, long time
How’s your mom? And how is life?
Allen has just told me that you left your wife
Are you sad? Or are you OK?
You should join us here cause
It’s not good for you to stay

Come pick me up Jack Kerouac
And take me to New York and back
I'll treat you like my brother
And you'll treat me like your friend
We’ll hitchhike to downtown San Fran,
A calculated master plan
I'll grab your neck and whisper in your ear
I’ll get you out of here

Dearest Jack – I’m on my bended knees
You should leave New York and come and join us, please
Say goodbye and get your favorite gear
Put your best shoes on, hit the road and disappear

And hit me hard dear Whisky-Jack
And send me to the moon and back
We’ll sing along to Coltrane
And we’ll fly among the cars
We’ll get drunk in Massachusetts
And we'll dance among the muses
How they gently whisper secrets in our ear
I’ll have another beer

Oh - hit me hard dear benzedrine
I’ll mix you up with beer and gin
I’ll treat you like a lady
If you’ll treat me like a friend
We’ll hit the road to Mexico
And listen to the sexy flow
That penetrates our skin and bone
From Gordon’s saxophone

I hope you get this letter
And I hope you’re feeling better
And I hope that you will hit the road come June
Everyone is here for you
We’re listening to “A Kind of Blue”
And later we’ll go howling at the moon
I hope I’ll see you soon