Strangers On A Train - Welcome To The Doghouse

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Debut album from danish band Strangers On A Train.
Releasedate: July 17th, 2015


'Welcome To The Doghouse'

Feast your heavy lidded eyes
on this buffét of pecks and thighs,
oiled buns and powdered whigs
So hot, they’ll melt any golden crucifix

Erect and firm
Ready and willing
They stand alert, well-versed in wallowing in dirt
And they will fill
all that needs filling
Ladies, we welcome you to dine at The Doghouse

Anything that you desire
Plunge headfirst into this Godless mire
Cast all decency away
And join in this salacious cabaret

Erect and firm...

Oh, fork over the fee
for carnal love and lubricity
You’ll never want to leave
Though you may just want to heave
You’ve never been satisfied like this