SUNDAYS - Passengers Choir

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'Passengers Choir' is the first single leading up to the release of SUNDAYS untitled debutalbum, and it clearly shows a band that dares to take more chances and this time with a fuller and international sound. The single 'Passengers Choir' will lead to a new series of singles, in musical thread with the songs from 'The Day Will Come', and thus in continued collaboration with producer, Mads Bjørn (Mads Björn, In Memoirs et al.). SUNDAYS expect to be able to publish the debut album in 2018.


'Passengers Choir'
A road is just a trail of rocks,
Showing where all others thought to go
And a door is just a way to think,
It’s nothing more than human links you know
Well I understand what’s up and down,
What’s back and forth, and all around me now
But the joke’s on you if you believe
That the more you own, the more you leave behind

Cause there’s got to be a way
There’s got to be a way for us

Well the weekend shouldn’t have to be
The beacon of your hopes and dreams, my friend
Do you even know how many years
You’ve spent on feeding all your fears for them?
The roof, the floor, the walls in there
Is nothing but a box of air and dust
Man you’re a passenger of modern guilt,
A scavenger of mother’s milk and trust

So let the trumpets sound,
Let the sunset drown,
Let the Sundays count

Cause there’s got to be a way
There’s got to be a way for us