Through The Smoke

Chuck G.



Chuck G - Through The Smoke
Produced by @johnkalin

Lyrics below:

Ride Through The Smoke
Let Me Air It Out
Gon Head Clear It Up
All my niggas say that you the one
Like I don’t feel big enough
Like I don’t feel like imma get it
this my calling muhfuka and I’m picking up

Ride through the smoke
Let me air it out
Gon head clear it up.
All my niggas say that you the one
Like I don’t feel big enough
Like I don’t feel like I’m the sun shining down
Burning these niggas to the ground
Still niggas ain't hot or ever been cold
Finally got the vision so I gotta switch flows like
Same nigga was a lame back home but I’m
Thuggin in the O
She say you walk around town like you gotta big dick
Welp, little do you know
I got million dollar niggas in my phone right now girl
Little do you know..
Niggas talking bout net worth
Hating niggas wanna network
Tell me how that work?
Never writing when I’m at work
Organize it in my dome
Voice memos in my phone keep a nigga in his zone
Niggas hate, oh no but to each his own
Keep a figment in a flow just to let these niggas know that I
Am the one, boy I do this shit all the time
Look at Troy’s watch, think its worth more than mine
Fuck it though, I still rock it like its Audemar

Crossing the borderline
These niggas horrified
See it in their pantomime
Still thinking bout the start of the storyline
When these lil women used to front man
Now I got em face timing
Pussy on the front cam
Damn, I feel bad when I do it on Sunday
Then pray that I make out someday
That one day could change like Monday
A lil Fab cause a nigga feel Fab what up

I do a lot shit I ain’t proud of
True that
They say the ego, nigga lose that
Wise words from a man
Told me stay blessed
Don’t stress
Don’t change on your friends
And then we shook hands
I said that ain’t me
I promise that’s word to the fam
I’ll ride for my folk
I’ll ride through the smoke
Don’t know, can’t see where I’m going
But I know that shit will happen for the boy
I’ll ride through the smoke,
I’ll ride through the smoke
And I put that on me
I’ll make it muhfuka
I’ll die if i don’t
I’l ride through the.