11 Every Answer (Official) - Hearts Of Abundance - Daniel James Quartararo - Track 11/12

Daniel James Quartararo



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What Do You End Up With? (Fellowship)


Find every answer in Jesus!
Find every answer in the Lord; the Christ!
All hope will be answered in Jesus!
All hope will be answered in the Lord; the Christ!

Turn your eyes unto Heaven!
Turn your eyes unto the Lord; the Christ!
Turn your ears unto Heaven!
Turn your ears unto the Lord; the Christ!

Give every burden to Jesus!
Give every burden to the Lord; the Christ!
Find your delight all in Jesus!
Find your delight all in the Lord; the Christ!

To the remnant:
Those who have withheld what is due to you,
You will surely lead.
The wealth of the wicked has been stored up for you,
For you have planted God’s seeds.

You’ve heeded God’s council,
You’ve surrendered to your Lord!
You’ve not withheld His wisdom
And with love you’ve spoken it forward.

You’ve given your last pennies to help others onward,
You’ve overcome evil with love and responded with a gentle word.
The darkness cannot comprehend you, yet still you do shine.
You’ve put aside your pride to stand firm in the fight.

You’ve slain every fierce giant and taught others to do the same!
Peace follows in your footsteps and the Lord knows your name!
You’ve found His rest in exhaustion and so you have not fainted!
You work will surely be rewarded in your humble pursuit of sainthood!

Your path has grown brighter!
And you are without blame!
You’ve confounded the wise of the world
And the Christ has taken your shame!

You move in gentle boldness,
You listen patiently!
You value all others as greater than yourself
For spiritual things you do see!

Spiritual things you do see!
Spiritual things you do see!

You are focused on the eternal and not on the vain!
You do not need to see the end thereof to have confidence in the Christ’s name!
Your hands contain healing, your words contain life!
You rely on the Lord alone and you do avoid strife!

You do what God asks of you and speak what He speaks!
You do refuse to do nothing on your own and in all things the Lord you do seek!
You praise the Lord in the valley and you don’t forget Him on the mountain!
In lack rejoicing is still found in you and griping is not your fountain!

Rivers of living water do flow from you and righteously you carry His name!
Nothing you do by Him will go to waste, no, not a minute will be in vain!
He works all for good for you, even your mistakes have no say!
You are literally unstoppable for the Lord is your way!

You are on the side of truth and your trust is in the Christ!
You are surely headed home by the Way, the Truth, and the Life!
Your treasure is in Heaven and your generosity is here on Earth!
Your desire is for God’s heart and in the Christ is your worth!

In the Christ is your worth!
In the Christ is your worth!

You will make it Home by the Light!
You will make it Home by the Light!
You will make it Home by the Light!
For His cup is victory, that’s the truth!