Drowning Colores (ft. Sebastián .Otero) - DAP The Contract

DAP The Contract

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"We wrote this song almost a year ago, motivated by the recurring events of injustice towards POCs in the US. Unfortunately, the song remains ever relevant. We hope this song can give hope to those suffering from the injustices and to incite action that will bring change to this broken system.

Our hearts go out to all the victims and families. May they rest in peace."

- DAP The Contract x Sebastián ( )tero (@Sebadelmundo)

Produced by DAP The Contract
Sax - Josh Kirschenbaum
Artwork by Soraya Ferdman



Let this be your alcohol, yeah, sip a little liquor
You can drown your sorrows here, go on cry me a river
No tissues for your issues, you don't need no mixer sister,
Don't let these systems sink into your system sister
All our little brothers dying, little sisters too
This ain't a Cold War, we're looking like Crimea nigga,
No fixes for those victims only see you later,
Don't let the system in your system sister
Take a shot with me,
Take a shot with me,
Drink it all away a shot of Henny,
Take a shot with me,
Come on take a shot with me,
Take a shot with me,
And rest the piece against my head one shot in me,
Take a shot with me.

DAP The Contract

You know I ain't from the gutter brother,
But trust me the devil wears prada brother.
Yeah, this ain't nothing new,
Just some new shit that you ain't know you knew.
You're still in the dark, but say no to night and yes to day.
Oh no don't pray for DKNY just to go decay in NY.
That city ain't full of dreams, it's full of cattle,
Full of sheep and full of shadows popping pills and champagne showers.
Well, the jig is up so put your hands up,
And no don't tell nobody, I don't know no nobodies,
I don't know no yes men, nah man I know kids that don't love nobody,
They're life's hard as a bitch, and they ain't got no money,
So everybody on the same shit,
Looking for big change and shit, but that ain't ever changing shit.
Money make cocaine flip, and make a brother brain trip.
I'm pissing on your painted picture 'cause that shit ain't right,
Nah life ain't sugar cane, my nigga it ain't sour neither, it's plainly white rice
Let me paint a little picture of the white life:
Imagine a room
Walls painted green 'cause you richer,
A little yellow for your sunshine, 'cause never no nighttime,
And ocean blue for heaven too, you never need a night light,
Got polka dots all on your chair 'cause black and white can mix right?
It's a beautiful sight.
It sits right until you blink for a second,
And everybody dead,
It's like you flipped the switch on a black light,
But that's just the black life.

Sebastián ()tero

Abro los ojos por primera vez, en el noventa y seis
mas dos años después se
resentían los diez años de
Estados Unidos bebiendo nuestro café
y pues,
en el 2000 partimos hacia el viejo mundo,
trazando un nuevo rumbo
con cambios rotundos.
Estaba muy pequeño para entender
que existe gente mezquina incapaz de comprender.
Fue así.
Un día por la rambla yo vi
mil caras, mil disfraces pero solo me acuerdo de una
mujer albanesa con su velo en su cabeza
pidiendo limosna sin manos y sin piernas.
los mismos ojos también vieron cómo el gobierno
destruía las metas y sueños de muchos niños
dominicanos de padres haitianos
por la fucking culpa del racismo.
Mi corazón palpita con dolor
cada vez que leo, escucho
una historia de injusticia.
Ay, cómo duele.
Sentarse y esperar a que esto vaya a cambiar
no va a funcionar jamás.
Un shot podrá aliviar nuestra tristeza y pesar,
nada más,
así que brindemos por la esperanza y las fuerzas
que te levantan.
Y anda.
¡Lucha y anda!

DAP The Contract
And colores ain't mean anything, we're brothers over everything
Don't let nobody cage you.
The devil got a crib right in the city of angels,
But love is in the air no never fear let me tell you,
When you cry we can hear you,

Sebastián ()tero
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Tenemos el poder
de poder transformar el mundo
si eso es lo que queremos hacer.
¿Lo ves?