similarobjects - Hiya Hng

Darker Than Wax

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similarobjects (aka Jorge Wieneke) is a producer, laptop musician,
experimental artist, and musical educator that has become a figure
synonymous with esoteric and quality musicianship in the Philippines. So it comes as no surprise that his newest release is an ode to forgotten and lost instruments, rhythms, cultures and practices of the Philippine Indigenous Tribes and Ancient Ancestors.

An attempt to showcase to the world his ancestry and heritage through
creative interpretation marks the birth of his latest release, “UGAT”. Derived from the Tagalog word meaning "Roots", it carries with it a sense of reconnection with his roots as a Filipino. “UGAT” adroitly explores the intricacies of ethnomusicology and anthropology, connecting culture with identity through music.

It is a vault of historical samples all expertly strung together - the first track starts off strong and enigmatic - “Hudhud Ni Aliguyon”, features chants sung by tribal poets, while “Ga Dang” samples different traditional instruments, such as gongs and sticks. “La Bebe, La Lomi, T’mefeles, at La Kagef” borrowed the sounds of one of the oldest and widely-distributed music instruments in the world, the jaw’s harp, followed by an epic Clap! Clap!- esque finisher “Hiya Hng”.

All tracks by Jorge Wieneke @similarobjects
Mastering by John Pope (JP del Mundo)
Artwork by @Kansado