Edgar Allan Poets - Odyssey

Edgar Allan Poets

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We are always searching for something more but maybe in the end all we need is already here with us. Like Ulysses, we need to experience our own Odyssey so to understand and learn to appreciate every single little thing.

Day falling into night
memories of an ancient time
I’m feeling I’ve been before
a song that’s what I recall

I’m holding you so tight
I hear you whispering goodbye
I want you to escape
but I can’t let you go away
remember me tonight
I will be here counting the time


Wandering in strange lands
looking for something, something else
I’m so far away but I still hear your voice
angelic harmonies are narcotizing me

Abyssus abyssum invocat ad infinitum

There was a time for many words
there was a time for us
nobody that’s my name
forgetting you I feel ashamed
wrecking in my see
I’m loosing you
I’m loosing me