Edgar Allan Poets - Waiting For You

Edgar Allan Poets

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Waiting for you

I remember those days
when we were lovers
I remember you
in that old white dress
we were acting like
there was no other
walking in a space
of nowhere land
From the sky above
the rain was pouring
turning into bricks
instead of drops
there were colored lights
and sparkling paillettes
then we fell inside
a pasty mud

waiting for you
for so long
waiting for you
time has gone

anchored to the earth
we kept that promise
we would share the pain
but not our pride
holding your little hand
I could feel no pulsing
prickles down the skin
she was so alive

and i still don’t know where I belong
I’m running fast but the way is so long
we are living down without a law
we are living down rushing headlong
and you still don’t know
what you belong to