Caught In A Web




You're stuck. Twelve hellish furies, you're stuck. The more you move, the more you get yourself stuck in their tenacious webs. Stay calm and think for a moment, there must be a way out. Too late, they're coming. More and more of them, big ones, small ones, huge ones too. They're crawling all of you. Not a moment is wasted before they begin to wrap you in a cocoon. Hundreds of furry legs eagerly prepare you, their meal, and soon all that's left is a creepy darkness. The sounds of their crawling still audible through the cocoon, but that will end soon enough too.


My music is royalty free, meaning you're free to use it for most purposes, as long as you credit me. For more details, and for tools, guides, and other fun aimed at tabletop players, visit my site. Here's a direct link to the music info:

Enjoy. ^.^

- Emily