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[21 April 2077 | 10:42pm]

That walking tin can who calls himself a trumpet player is late again... It's pouring down rain and this place is packed... We are about to go on stage! We have been preparing for this gig for a long time. Before I started this band, I was smug. I thought I knew it all, thought I'd heard enough horror stories and seen enough people fail to know that I could make it work. We are so glad everything has came to this point...
I think this new song will really knock them dead, with my new synth, and the trumpet player and bassist. There are so many people out there, just waiting to hear us play. You can feel the tension and anticipation of everyone... There is something about these nights we play gigs at new venues, and the weather is bad, that seems to make them extra special... Its hard to explain, you have to experience it I guess.
Where is that damned trumpet playing robot?...

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Cantina Band Electro Swing
Cyberpunk Glitch Hop
Cyberslum Music
Blade Runner 1 2 Style Soundtrack
Suspenseful cinematic background tension