One of Many

Erik Kramer



Erik Kramer is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. He is best known for his bass playing and can be seen performing all over the east coast with a variety of artists. His music is hard to define as it hops through all of his influences that range from soul, jazz, rock, folk, world, electronic, funk, and everywhere in between. With his debut release, "Missed the Boat", Erik pulls together a cast of New York's finest musicians to create a highly nuanced album that will take you on a journey.


I am just one of many, floating in a violent sea
It only costs a penny, to come and take a ride with me
Even if the tide gets heavy, it'll push me back to shore
Still I find I'm swimming backwards, finding that I still want more

Who decides what I do

Floating in a timeless vacuum, finding that I'm still confused
Tracing back a fine trimmed pattern, ended up a bit contused
Why is it that one big circle, is all I keep on walking in
Everything I did behind me, also what I'm following

I know it won't be long
The wind will pass me on
To the place where I belong

If you think that someone's out there, I suggest you guess again
The stars define our faintest wishes, nature is our dearest friend
Only you decide what you do, so go ahead and make amends
The world will spit us out eventually, until then it's all pretend

I know it won't be long
The wind will pass me on
To the places where I belong
No it can't be wrong

Who decides what I do
Not you