yours truly, falsely mine (prod. nohidea)




Prod: @nohidea

I'm into fast livin' blue like Jon Hendrix
past vicissitudes have me crafting like all seven
in the group
and now 11's passing 2
and your reverence is asking who
your reverend is and his relevance to
your values and benefits
and what you pursue
cuz those worth looking up to show you your worth
and coerce you to look in.
putting purpose in words so you can flirt with your grin
while searching within your purposeful limbs
and move vertical through personal wims

It doesn't get much better than this.
try to stay inquisitive flow like a feather in wind
sometimes a hindrance entails sensation that precipitate amelioration
I'm adapting to the weather and the pleasure it gives

Heres my personal mission statement:
make a decent living while i'm chilling in my basement
naw i'm just kidding :)
I stay steady pacing
though sometimes when i don't have you in my sights i feel complacent.

I can't get you out my mind

Yours truly falsely mine
Yours truly falsely mine

I can't keep you here to stay

Yours truly falsely mine
Yours truly falsely mine.

The truth is I ain't lonely
I found myself in others and exuberance in the way I hold me
I won't pay the price for what it's worth I sold me
I don't buy excuses
talk is cheap and we communicate poorly

Our glory is told through a screen spread across a room
like a gory horror scene we bleed
red till were blue
this tables only pleasant for two
so ill be waiting here for you

Cuz your the water in my ring of fire
that looks like your halo addict angel while you sing with choirs
I'll probably be a little chicken till the sky melts
as long as i can have you all to myself.

Cuz i cant keep you out my mind

Your's truly falsely mine
Your's truly falsely mine.