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the debut ep of @channeltres
out now on GODMODE

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Artist: Channel Tres
Title: Channel Tres - EP
Label: Godmode
Release: 27 July 2018

Channel Tres

Channel Tres grew up in the Compton neighborhood of Los Angeles. His voice is effortlessly deep, as if Barry White didn't realize he was Barry White. "Controller", Channel's debut single on Godmode (Yaeji, Shamir), took classic Detroit house and reimagined it with the surly attitude of West Coast rap. Pitchfork, NPR, Gorilla vs. Bear, BBC Radio 1, Spotify, Apple, and KCRW were early champions, along with Australia's esteemed Triple J radio, who put "Controller" in full rotation.

In advance of his self-titled debut EP (out July 27 on Godmode), Channel blesses us with "Jet Black", another taste of his unorthodox union of four-on-the-floor and Compton. The song is an oozy ode to the blackest of black, over a ferocious modular synth instrumental that takes cues from industrial and early electro. "I never reply when you hit me/ I'm off the grid you can't get me" – it's hard not to feel invincible when this one plays. The video, directed by cult filmmaker Anthony Sylvester, captures Compton at its most contorted, where barbershops double as churches, where liquor stores become after-hours raves.

EP tracklisting, full credits, and more info below. For all inquiries contact Talya Elitzer at god at godmodemusic dot com.


Channel Tres
Channel Tres - EP

01 St Julian (Intro)
02 Controller
03 Jet Black
04 Topdown
05 Glide

Song Credits

St Julian (Intro)
written by Channel Tres, Nick Sylvester (BMG), Aaron Childs, and Matthew Sainvil

written by Channel Tres and Nick Sylvester (BMG)

Jet Black
written by Channel Tres, Nick Sylvester (BMG), Alan Wilkis (Spirit), and Eli Tillman

Top Down
written by Channel Tres, Nick Sylvester (BMG), Roy Jacobs (BMG), Matthew Sainvil, and Emmanuel Ricketts

written by Channel Tres, Nick Sylvester (BMG), and Matthew Sainvil

Performance Credits

St. Julian (Intro)
vocals by Channel Tres
background vocals by Sainvil
guitar by Aaron Childs
clouds + sub by Nick Sylvester

vocals by Channel Tres
drums, drum machine, electric piano, and Intellijel synthesizers by Nick Sylvester
saxophone by Dan Rome

Jet Black
vocals by Channel Tres
whispers by Geena Fontanella
drum machine, mellotron, sampling, and intellijel synthesizers by Nick Sylvester

Top Down
vocals by Channel Tres
background vocals by Sainvil
ooh by Amanda Flowers
drum machine and bass programming by Channel Tres and Nick Sylvester
mellotron, sampling, intellijel and dsi synthesizers by Nick Sylvester
tambourine by Nick Sylvester

vocals by Channel Tres
background vocals by Sainvil
drums, drum machine, bass, intellijel and dsi synthesizers by Nick Sylvester

Production Credits

All tracks recorded, mixed, and produced by Nick Sylvester at Godmode Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant mixing by Sacha Mendel and Robert Szmurlo
Mastered by Sarah Register at SRM, Brooklyn, NY
Executive produced by Talya Elitzer

Cover photo by Yazz Alali

Instruments Used

MFB Tanzbär, Intellijel Atlantis, Intellijel Rainmaker, Make Noise Phonogene, Make Noise Echophon, Make Noise Erbe-Verb, Ayotte Drums, Wurlitzer 200A, Moog Sub37, Soundtoys Crystallizer, Soundtoys Echoboy, Soundtoys Little Alterboy, Soundtoys Human Saxophone Jr., Fender Stratocaster, Mutable Instruments Clouds, Mu-Tron Bi-Phase, Delta Labs Effectron, Roland JC40, DSI Tempest, Intellijel Morgasmatron, Intellijel Noise Tools, Mellotron, Logic EXS24, Intellijel Plonk, Native Instruments Kontakt, human hands, human voice, accidental air conditioner hum and other fortuitous sound bleed.