La La Lonely Maria #1

Green Gerry

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"La La Lonely Maria #1" is the first single Green Gerry has released on Mermaid Ave. More to follow.


joint escapade
screamed for an escape
now have you got everything that you want

see my bed today
its been twice paid
and when i wake up it will probly be gone

yes bones break
but you've seem to heal okay
so how come you still got that sling round that arm

oh to wallow free
under self pity
must get you off in ways only starlets cum

it must hurt to see you act out that rut
portraying sadness for yourself and all that you've done

see I've yet to see
your worth to me
I'm gaining sight within each setting sun

and as the world it turns
the idea of you is heard
remembered only as a pointless thud

now the stories told
by tongues wrapped up in mold
spread by the putrid, the lying ones

and with its skin old
the bloods turned black and cold
what now can you sink your stale teeth into my love

are you happy as a martyred whore
with a stare gone black and a voice sickening and hoarse
leeching at those on an edge of life no one knows
your precious hands filthy with nothing to hold

whats to forget
when theres nothing left
whats to accept
what am i to give

your king baby?