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We all have to admit that Gabriel Prior is in a strange place with himself. He began the WildCards story a con man, fleecing people of their hard earned money under the guise of a preacher summoned to aide the town of Coldwater Creek in their time of need. Coldwater Creek is no more, and in the moments that led up to its devestation, Gabriel Prior was called upon by something, or someone. Perhaps an entity from on high?

Later, Howell Melton, injured from his fight with Adrian Meeker, The Bear, rejoined his companions from Coldwater, and as a test of his own powers, and perhaps his own faith, Gabe lay his hands on Howell's wounds, and began, in his own style, to pray...

Yep, another WildCardsRPG inspired track. I've been wanting to come up with something regarding Gabe for a while. The theme is one I had originally planned to use in a Lovecraftian piece, but it found its way here.

Created using:
Church Organ by C. Hackl
Sonatina Choir by BigCat