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Some time ago I was approached by one of the most fantastic people I have ever met. She portrayed my favorite character on a Shadowrun live play show on Twitch called Corporate SINs (GO WATCH THE WHOLE THING DO IT!). When the show ended, she moved on to another show, Leviaithan - Distant Stars.

Her new character was a blue-haired psionic pop star by the name of Hexie Kate. For personal reasons, however, she departed the show. However, she made a triumphant return in the series finale, during which this track was played. This is Hexie Kate's hit single (and ominous prophecy), EraZed.

This was a complete departure from my normal western based, orchestral sounding stuff. I got to dabble in true electronic sounds, and once I stumbled on a particular free VST and one of the plugins, the bass line was locked in. Everything else flowed from there.

This song was posted with permission of Hexie Kate's player. She is, and always will be, awesome, and a friend. Thank you, Cheryl!

Composed entirely with TAL Noisemaker in Reaper.

(Lyrics to come in a future edit)