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At the end of one episode of Wildcards, "Star-crossed" to be exact, Gabriel Prior posed a question to Rosaleen Byrne, the love of his life. It was THAT question. All he could do was picture spending the rest of his life with her, no matter if the end came sooner than planned. Her response was not what he had hoped. She gave her answer, and left the run-down house they had used as a hideaway and defensive position during the fight with a degenerate family pursuing a runaway member. She gathered her things, tears in her eyes, and returned to her horse, leaving Gabe defeated and reeling.

Then, they took him.

It was one of the most emotionally devastating moments in the plot of the show (and expertly portrayed, IMHO.) That moment stuck with me for weeks. I knew I had to create something that complimented that moment, and I struggled with it until just recently, when I downloaded a VST that just brought everything together, utilizing the theme I laid down in the Blackbird track.

This is the result.

Composed with:
VSCO 2.0
DSK Brass
DSK Strings