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Needless to say, I love the genre of the weird west. It's a savory blend of history, fantasy, science fiction, victorian horror, and other herbs and spices. Deadlands is my favorite RPG setting. I consume any and all Deadlands media that I can, from livestreams on Twtich, to actual play podcasts.

One of these podcasts is Sounds Like Crowes. If you need a summary, it's pretty much the Sons of Katie Elder meets Supernatural. Five brothers seeking to avenge the death of their mother at the hands of something beyond normal. Listening to this podcast inspired this track. Silly as it might be, I love the challenge of creating what could be used as a "theme" for characters, movies, shows, etc, and while not official, this would be my version of a hypothetical Sounds Like Crowes TV series "opening titles". I also plan on creating variations of this piece, as I love it very much, and am quite proud of it, and I want to do more with it.

Please check out the podcast at www.soundlikecrowes.com

And welcome back to the Weird West...

Composed with:
VSCO 2.0 Community Edition
Arturia Analog Lab 3.0
Youtube Sound Library