The Give and Get Rag (Short)

Busted Boot Productions (Gunslinger Andy)

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Another piano piece inspired by WildCards. I personally picture a montage of sorts, fight scenes from Howell Melton's recent endeavors in Denver. He take's a hit, shakes it off, wild eyed. He puts his dukes back up and goes back at it.

Title comes from the phrase, "Give as good as you get." Referenced in the lyrics (short as they are). I plan on expanding this out just like I did the Blackbird theme.

Created using:
Reaper DAW
Upright Piano 1 by Versilian Studios.


When everybody puts you down
And knocks you the ground
There's only one thing
that you gotta do
Become the toughest man in town

Come on and place your bet
On a lesson you won't forget
Lemme' tell ya, brother
There's one thing sure
You gotta give as good as you get.