Fytch - Over (feat. Miette Hope)


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Producer Fytch has been stirring up a storm with his innovative take on bass and dubstep. In more recent works, the producer utilizes distortion and somber tones to emulate a beautifully dark style. In his latest “Over”, Fytch combines distinct synths with wallowing guitar and Miette Hope’s graceful yet haunting vocals.

"What makes it unique, is that it isn't bound by genre. Miette's vocal ended
up taking the track in a new direction and the outcome came about very
spontaneously.” - Fytch

"We both drew inspiration from our own personal experience for this song, and I think it was a healing way to deal with all of the emotions that come along with dealing with a breakup and trying to move on/seeing your ex partner move on. We would hope that by sharing the story that our audience could relate to it and that it might help them overcome emotions from a similar experience.” - Miette

1) Fytch - Over (ft. Miette Hope)

Availability: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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