Whynnel - You Knew


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The ominous producer Whynnel hailing from Slovenia is back with a new EP for listeners to dive into. Omnipresence is an obscure adventure riddled in quirky glitches and distorted compositions. In this EP, Whynnel explores his range in sound by exhibiting his cryptic tastes and unconventional melodies to ironically unveil something beautiful in the darkness.

"The sound follows my usual distortion driven songs, with "You Knew" being on the softer side of the distortion spectrum with the addition of live guitars that I did for the first time. I want listeners to feel like they are disappearing through the music only to be left as observers.” - Whynnel

1) Whynnel - Fountain of Qoora
2) Whynnel - You Knew

Availabilty: Friday, October 7, 2016

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