A Session with The Spectres (Live Session Album) (2017)

Humanfobia / Dark Experimental Music

ZIP FILE: https://archive.org/compress/humanfobia-a-session-with-the-spectres/formats=VBR%20MP3&file=/humanfobia-a-session-with-the-spectres.zip
A Session with the Spectres is a Humanfobia live session performed the day 23rd December of 2017 and edited /released 31 December 2017. This is the last album with Sábila Orbe as lead Vocalist in the project.
Credits: Sound Effects,Computerized Keyboards: Mist Spectra
Vocals. Sound Effects, Post-edition/Sound programming: Sábila Orbe.-

Links to the studio versions on original albums/eps of each track:

- Mausoleum of Diffuse Ghosts & Epitaph 404: from Indenumbra album: https://archive.org/details/humanfobia-indenumbra-compilation-2017
- Letargo Grisáceo: from Atmósfera Lívida album: https://archive.org/details/humanfobia-atmosfera-livida
- Ruido555NO & Olanzapine Moss Ethereal Temple: from Universo Bifurcado album: https://archive.org/details/humanfobia-universos-universo-bifurcado-2017
- The Walk-in Possession: from The Walk-in Possession EP: https://hearthis.at/humanfobia/set/2016-the-walk-in-possession-ep/
- The Musgir Nightmares: from Erotic Saints (ep): https://archive.org/details/humanfobia-erotic-saints-ep
- Configuración Magenta & Grayscale: from Configuración Magenta (EP): https://archive.org/details/humanfobia-configuracion-magenta

*Humanfobia main works on:
or: https://archive.org/details/@sabila_orbe