Lost In The Tombs (Single) (with Mebitek)

Humanfobia / Dark Experimental Music

MP3 FILE: https://archive.org/download/humanfobia-mebitek-lost-in-the-tombs-single/01%20-%20Humanfobia%20%26%20Mebitek%20-%20Lost%20in%20the%20Tombs.mp3
This Single track is a collaboration between the artists: Humanfobia & Mebitek. Instrumentation: Mebitek. - Sound Programming & Mixer: Humanfobia.
- Humanfobia is a dark experimental, avant-garde, computer music project from Rancagua, Chile. Links: http://humanfobia-official.blogspot.cl/ - https://humanfobia.jimdo.com/discography-ii/
- Mebitek is a Electronic, cinematic orchestra, dark ambient project from Sardinia, Italy.
Links: https://mebitek.bandcamp.com/ - http://music.mebitek.com