Tumbas Destruídas por el Tiempo (2017)

Humanfobia / Dark Experimental Music

ZIP FILE: https://archive.org/compress/humanfobia-tumbas-destruidas-por-el-tiempo/formats=VBR%20MP3&file=/humanfobia-tumbas-destruidas-por-el-tiempo.zip
All tracks programmed & mixed, vocals, cover design by Sábila Orbe.- Keyboards, cover artwork model: Mist Spectra.-
*track 2: 2017 version of original track with The Null Spectre/ *track 5 vocals: Uunslit. / * track 6: mixed & composed with Grim $leeper
Humanfobia is a dark noise, experimental, computer music project from Rancagua, Chile. for listen all their work visit: https://humanfobia-official.bandcamp.com/