Bend (prod. Kill Them With Colour)




Verse 1 :

skip sleep cuz i had to

chase dre ams not a bad move

took a path they aint never seen

coke whi te flow like medellian

that’s a ra p bar right there

lots of actors i swear

im no gang ster dont care

but my hea rt got no fear fare)

i been in the lab i been in the booth

i been goin hard jsut to tell the truth

always knew that i could take it this far

and i chose to do it cuz the shit hard

i been really climbing up a steep curve

ballin for a minute like im stever kerr

running to the money till my feet hurt

courtside from the bleachers


i don’t bend i dont switch

i make tracks i make hits

yeah my ceiling limitless

take my vibe wave)yeah you wish

yeah youwish

yeah youwish

yeah myceiling li mitliss less)

take my waveyeah youwish

Verse 2:

on the grind and on the move

i m really working i got shit to prove

tunnel vision i got shit to do

shot my shot but missed a few

That’s cool tho switch it up with a new flow

give a fuck would you do tho

Live it up on a new note for the bucks

And the blue notesnetworth finna boom tho

mad ide as off the top

mad they se e me finna pop

i aint ne ver been afraid

ima ru n it till im paid

big risk big cash tho

tho dividending my cash flow

flow i f you speaking on me bad tho

tho you gone get what you asked for