Just Like The Rain

Idan Altman



Idan Altman - Songwriting, production, guitars, synths and vocals

instrumental Version https://soundcloud.com/idanaltman/sets/instrumental


Just like a drop in the ocean
Just like a cloud in the sky
Everything keeps on going
Nothing dies

Just like the rain keeps falling
Just like the leaves on a tree
In to the ground
In to the sea

Before I was me I was living inside a flower
Then I took a ride on the wings of a bee
When we got to the hive somehow I turned in to honey
Somehow I ended up in a cup of tea

Now I'm a man
I do what I can to be happy
Just like a flower
Just like a bee
I don't waste my time counting how fast i'm falling
Just like the rain
Just like the leaves on a tree

When its time for me to leave this bag of bones
Someone might say "I can't believe that he's gone"
Everything keeps on going no need to cry
In to the ocean
In to the sky