luna [w/ deadxbeat]


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yoyoyo, since it's been a while from both me and @deadxbeat , here's a new track from the both of us to show you that we're not inactive or anything :))


[Verse 1]
Man, I'm hittin cigs and gettin sick of all this nonsense
Blowin up my phone, constantly breakin my conscious
Smokin nicotine til I don't see up in my optics
The problem was that I thought some deceivers could be honest
Ironic - clearly I was subdued
Makin me think the truth was you, but damn it, still I do
Panicking until my optic nerves can see the truth
But I can't even see two feet in front of me, so I just lose and lose
And hollerin at the moon won't bring you back
You make me think that left is right as a matter of fact
Smoking packs of the menthol to calm my stupid ass
Can't help but stress cuz I'm a mess, why you abusing that?
Ugh - girl - why do you fail to understand?
Why you think that I don't care whenever you're with another man?
You botherin hollerin that you love me and hug me
And that's just something so touchy, and I just want this lie to end

I'll be lookin up at Luna tonight
Without you
But I don't think I could stand another night
Without you

[Verse 2]
Now I'm running - barefooted and lookin at the horizon
If my eyelids could open a little wider, I'd be solid
I was blinded - in the past, but now I don't really mind it
I'll be honest, I don't dig the world, I'd rather my own island
But - I have no choice, cuz I ain't owning no voice
Every single step I take is dictated by your ploy
Am I a toy? Nah - I think I need to cut my strings
And let my nose grow a little bit so I could learn some things
Uh, yeah - and I'm just tryna own my spiral power
Inspired by my brothers and others to never cower
But just how the hell am I supposed to do that in this hour?
Shit, I'll try, but I don't know if I could be louder
Why you so sour, whatchu doin to me? Thinkin that I need a eulogy
You won't even let me move in peace, so stupid, why you foolish G?
Ugh - now I'm sittin and thinking about this shit and
Maybe the pain was just a figment of my brain that I permitted
Just to kill me

I'll be lookin up at Luna tonight
Without you
But I don't think I could stand another night
Without you