Tonight (ft. Carl Catron)


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Started RÆVE on Valentine's Day a year ago, gone from 1 follower to 3K & 1play to 700K. It doesn't seem like a lot but it's huge for me. I had a lot of support from Blogs, YouTube & Soundcloud promotion channels, random listeners to fellow producers that listened to my music, faved it, shared it wrote about it... It's an awesome feeling which have a name: L O V E

So i teamed up with Saxophonist Carl Catron to give you some love back. (lyrics below)

Artwork by the talented Killmatic Sketches.


On the floor tonight...

Come on, come on over here
Tell you what you i'm drinking
Move my eyes, watch my lips
Tell you what i'm thinking
Wrap you hands around my waist
Take me to a different place (x3)

All I need is you by my side
Dance with me until the morning light
Tonight... Oh tonight...

Til' the music stops
And you pull me close
Lose control from hair to toes
Tonight... Oh tonight...

I'll be loving you