High Bich (Remix) of Bhad Bhabie - Hi Bich

Johnny Word

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Johnny Word - High Bich ( Weed-Mix )
Danielle Bregoli Aka Bhad Bhabie - Hi Bich Remix

Weeks after the release of the original, Johnny Word gives you his twist on Bhad Bhabie's (aka Danielle Bregoli) Hi Bich. High Bich is a heavy banger with a light subject matter, literally. As the title suggest, Johnny's spin on the original is dedicated to his favorite plant: weed, marijuana, pot or whatever else it goes by in your neck of the woods.

Mixed By: Merker Music
Beat Remix: Prince Tha Producer

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Smoke weed of course
That og all sorts

Hi Bitch,
I'm High Bitch,
I'm High Bitch
I'm High Bitch

I'm always smoking on something
Before I'm dry re-uping
You cannot smoke how I'm puffing
This shit looking foggy like London

No oz I want more
All Quads no outdoor

Hi bitch
I'm high bitch
I'm high bitch,
I'm high bitch,

Verse 1:
Please stop please stop
Please stop please stop
Two blocks down on the right
Cuz I need to hit the weed spot

Y'all can't be hating
on the strains that we got
I heard y'all and y'all niggas
be smoking that weak stock

I got that purple kush and that og
That white shark so crystallized it looking like a Rollie
You can smell it right off me
That shatter looking like toffee

One dab will have you coffin, Dead,
These blunts gone fuck you up in the head,

I pick big buds and I shred,
I only get up for this bread,
and you know being stoner
Means I'm really tryna get fed,

I don't why these niggas lie
They ain't really tryna high
I'm tryna roll a l up
While I put ws in my sites

Ya stoner that's right
Ya hashtag high life
Mix that weed lean with that sprite
That shit gone fuck up all night

These King size o c bs
I don't roll em too tight
That Thc cbd
Is something like my blood type

Verse 2:
Tell me that you gotta papers x2
This gas so loud it wake up all your neighbors
This gas so loud they doing me favors
We like Baskin Robbins
With all these flavours

Smoke them long jays
Putting in long labour
My homie brings his bong w him
Everywhere he don't care

And I know why they all stare
Cuz You can smell it off everything that I wear

I ain't w the hood politics
I just smoke a lot spliffs
That gas so loud
Ain't no way you can't acknowledge it

Pay homage to all of botanists
That weed like my psychologist
That weed be like my rocket ship
I just take off from all this shit

Fucking all of the papers Up
But I'm still getting my paper up
Don't say these trees make up lazy
You was lazy before you blazed it up

I'm on that heavy indica
In the cut w my niggas
Rolling them phillies up
Im getting hella high my nigga
That's what's really up