Kam James - These Days

Kam James



Produced By: Bandit Luce


So much shit going on..
It feels like it don't make sense, But at the same time it all makes sense.
Its hard to explain but, i'm hard to explain..

I black out once i hear these melodies,
Without these addies, I don't know where I'd be
I'm just praying that you watching.
I can see it in their faces that they plottin'
But slowing down or stopping just is not a option
So we gone keep on poppin' an make these problems microscopic

I went from cooped up in the booth to now i walk around
Every time i step out they bringing them sparklers out
So many nights i was scheming just trying to chalk it out
Now we be standing on couches like it's our fucking house
You cant tell me nothing!
Bitch we got it bussing!
Back when I would call em' i swear ain't nobody answer
Now they hit my phone like i found the cure for cancer
Bitch get off my line, you don't even meet my standards
I remember they was sleeping on a nigga, Now i barely get to sleep
I do more in a day then yo daddy do in a week
I keep my moves quiet, Niggas talk like Para-keets
Women that i used to want tryna finesse me out my jeans
I ain't even gotta ask for it, Real Free nigga fuck i gotta act for
Keep that local shit, I'm tryna tat my pass-port
I be shooting like i'm curry, Fuck a back board
Tell me what they mad for.

Poppin' these addies to keep my head right
Gotta make sure i say a prayer like errnight
I just step up and blackout an then i dead mics
Trying not to get caught inside them head lights!

I finally feel the sun shining this way,
I knew i was a star since the 6th grade!
I never been to good with rules, i do what i want
Ima steal the show, come try an stop me if you fucking want!

[2nd Verse]

Everything been changing, Feel im in the matrix
Nothing that i do is fucking basic, See a shot i take it
I swear that half these niggas fabri-cated, I don't have the patience
That's the reason why they bitches, steadily up in our faces
Fuck whatever they talking about
If we ain't in it!
Took a min from this shit, An i still been winnin'
Even if i had a Limp
I would still be pimpin'
You ain't got no choice but to feel me nigga!


These days

These days, These days, These Days