Higher Thought (prod. smthn)


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Produced and mastered by Smthn
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What can I
what can I
I'm up up and away
what can I say
I'm up up in the way

Heavenly Father why even bother
these boys are pray
No sacrifice
I live the Savage Life
My wrongs are rights
Please don't Typecast
my type
And if I ever pay the price
Make me rich in life
in death too
I'll say it I'll say it I'll say it
My inner deamon
Said fuck you
You ever Dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight....
And a angel trying to cut in
You ever lost in real life.... thinking you never were going to win again
let these words in
Pain only temporary
Death is scary
Till you conquer your fears interloper I'm here
Im here.....

I know you have questions but I'm up in the air
I lost all my cares
afraid of my fears
it's redundant
but fuck would I care
there's no judgement here there's no judgement here

At my Plateau
I scrap you
pointing ratchets
right at you
mr. Independent
till the fan hit
You can tell
from the city
that I'm from
that I'm on it
But what's
a bar to a verse
a car to a hearse
me at my worst
I'm famous
Fuck are we?
Fuck am I?

dancing on Infiniti
Young obscenity
been the prodigal child
grew Buckwild
harness my Style
fashion Guru
looking Fufu... to you
fuck the hood
And I'm still up up to no good up up up and away

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