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Roll up I'm 30 deep back down nobody around I'm john smith bitch
Yeah yeah
Ko motherfucking d

Tampax for the maxi pad
These bastard shook
I had a dad
my niggaa never famous
but I'm fucking heinous
crime doesn't pay
so I'm robbing strangers
Silly bitch
respect for equals we two different people
Never equal
Just killed god
With Nietzsche
Trying to meet
my maker
Nothing major
fuck ya savior
Live a lie
fuck the turth
Never die
If The Secret Gets Out
then I guess it's homicide

Ran out of durex
lets hope she wet
death a bitch till you make her your misses
In the afterlife I think I got bitches
Don't let morals dictate what you gonna do
Live in the moment and never think what you gonna to do

"Look in my eyes"
Thats how you die
Pussy nigga expiration
value is your fabrication
Left the court exonerated
The most hated in the nation infamous if I got the bricks
But knowledge gone suffer
How can I let greatness buffer

waiting in the wings
two Desert Eagles
Without them
honk kong Phooey
Guess I cocks Spaniel
Dammit Daniel
Oso Macho burly dykes
These niggas aint built for the life
Fuck clout
respect I want apparent
With halitosis
Breath decay
Verse the worse
Die today
Faggots with dragcos
i hate other rappers
Bitches are worse they
Cum first then cumnap ya
And want money after
Anit ever get a dime from me
bitch check the dial tone
Take you ass to you're fathers home
Didn't get a receipt
shoplifted head
on my way home
left a taste in her mouth
so sour
she swore off showers
Summer's Eve
when you coming over
Im fed up with this
and its Passover
Red Dot
Red light
I guess you should stop right nah this the shot right
And I'm not going to stop
till I give hands
to the niggas that deserve holes in a past life
and Im going ghost going ghost
Danny phantom on the track ho
ko mother fucking d
let it go