DJ Kleva Kaslam and DJ Nyane Mokhento - Respect [Nyane Records and Brother Sister Records]


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DJ Kleva Kaslam is back to Brother Sister Records following last year debut "Omukukutu Funky Tunes Vol. 1" the release I fell in love right after listening the touching "Ngilandela" track featuring One Joe. Now he team up with DJ Nyane Mokhento and Nyane Records to present "Non-Identical Twins First Race" EP on BSR that will be out May 20th.

The track we choose for a premiere, "Respect" is a powerful and conscious message tied to South African-style House, Kwaito, Township Funk, Gqom and probably the only track of the release that differs a little from the most pop oriented material into a more dark and introspective construction since most songs have that distinctive sound similar to iconic Yamaha DX series that gives a perfect retro touch to their sonority by rescuing an innocent past that we can track to the midi revolution. On the other hand "Respect" is adventurous and challenging, brings thier signature positivity and major scale melodies, restless wobbling synth bass and long notes providing tension and intensity only breached by the contrasting delicate vocal parts that focus on love and respect between genders. Even using artifices like vocoder "Non-Identical Twins First Race" does not aim to be synonym of sophistication but more a mirror of the inventive way to create music they identify with by taking advantage from available resources since it was recorded in a dark room with minimal equipment in Windhoek, Namibia. These deep radio cuts combine innocence and energy and are equally at home in the club, on the radio, or on a USB drive passed around the streets of the Katakura ‘location’ in Windhoek.