FVBIO - Waves [Ashida Park]


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Almost 2 months since the release of powerful hybrid electronic compilation
"Alternative Facts" Viennese club experimenters Ashida Park are back to present their fresh newcomer and label affiliate, FVBIO. This 25 years old Italian producer with promising forthcoming works as we can notice by this premiere of "Waves", track taken from "Turbio EP", lives in a remote area of Terlan, South Tyrol and miles from a main city. Reason why this isolation lead to focus on electronic music production letting absolutely nothing to distract him from it. He’ll openly admit that if it weren’t for "the vortex that is Soundcloud," virtually connecting him to other producers and scenes, this release would never have ended up sounding the way that it does.

Without aiming to represent or to feel a sense of belonging inside the pioneer scenes of underground electronic music and dance, which should be mostly let to the collective of artists and producers responsible for creating the movements, taken them from local trends to international phenomena, FVBIO managed to appreciate, get inspired and create his own sound where he blends Grime, Jersey Club, Dembow together with 808 drum patterns, dense and sedative synths à la "Wave" style, the genre popularized by Klimeks. In fact there is more in common with this genre, not only the title track which is obvious, but the particular position of FVBIO towards the highways of virtual worlds that contrasts with the fact of living in a small municipality and the access to this decentralized existence where he researches, where he communicates, where tangible references get dissipated in clouds of data and infinite possibilities of digital networks. "Waves" is a dreamy soundscape from a melancholic past, now post-physical that FVBIO uses to mutate with his bucolic realism.

Release date for "Turbid EP" the 29th June, the brand new Ashida Park’s series of near-unclassifiable ‘Hybrid Club’ releases.


Artwork by Mer Marin http://mercedesmarin.me/

Mastering by https://soundcloud.com/dj-dialup