Mathis Ruffing - Thermal Equilibrium [Oxyorange]


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Oxyorange is the new name coming from Mannheim, Germany and is a product of decentralized forms of media power facilitated by digital technologies where the collective not only controls the message now but also the form how it is presented and when and where the transition from the virtual/digital field of action to the physical one is made. They are the makers and users of an irreverent local scene with a global vision with intention to establish a new platform form upcoming young talented artists who don´t really care about genres, restrictions and conventions no more. Plain and simple they want to support the musical freemind like a practical application of a brain´s interconnections and the ability to develop this by repeated exposure to different experiences with local showcases, releasing music or mix series in a radio station.

It is a pleasure for Lacroixx to be also part of this with the premiere of Mathis Ruffing´s "Thermal Equilibrium" an hymn to the golden days of Downtempo where atmospheric and ambient sounds with emphasis on breaks were very popular in UK´s early 90´s. There is something psychedelic chill hovering all the track even if there is a total absense of vocals, melodies sound as taken from unusual sources making it looks a bit alien and the reverb gives that perfect mood for mind expansion and ethereal elevation. This is the joy of a modern approach to classic genres, in one side it rescues and gives credit to a very important laid back, slow paced style with roots in hip hop, pop, dub, drum and bass or soul/jazz, on the other pushes it to a new level of richness that propels the genre further. "Swords" the compilation will be out during the next week.

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