Premiere: Syn - Exile [Flood]




It is not new the prolific Irish electronic music scene that in recent past gave us some influential artists making of the North Atlantic Island home for an accomplished bright future inside the new path of the dance fields that now sees in new generations, porters of cultural heritage, continuous effort in order to craft and reclaim a part for their own also. Moved by passion and based on strong relations to ensure that national artists can join forces and support each others, newly formed collective FLOOD prepared the release for their debut self title compilation, exploring the hyper stimulated nature of modern club music through a focused palette of industrial and organic sounds featuring material from co-founders Tension, Doubt and Syn.

Inside the studio they build welcome cards in form of fierce tracks like "Exile" that we are premiering today. From dense sides of Techno to heavy rhythms of Garage and Bassline, Grimey beats and all the seminal UK music influences mirrored in his work, Irish producer Syn have a tremendous ability to incorporate dynamic club elements such Ballroom Vogue/Bmore House as he already show with "Beginning Of The End" EP this year. The compilation will be out January 5th.